Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Things That Matter

Aren't these so lovely? The gold heart was a gift from my mother... I never take it off. The tiny bow (A Box For My Treasure) is from Paul, and the ivory rose earrings (Liz Hutnick) are just a little something I wanted for myself! I have always loved Etsy, you can find such darling pieces.

A few days ago, my boyfriend decided to fire up the grill and make me Greek souvlaki! It was divine! We had it with tzatziki, rice pilaf, roasted peppers, corn, and onions halved and placed face down on the grill. One of my FAVOURITE ways to have onions because they end up so perfectly sweet.

Summer is going swimmingly so far. I've been enjoying my summer class so much. Have you any idea how captivating the art and architecture of India is? There's so much to absorb and I highly doubt I'm even making a decent dent in it in this 3 week summer class, but I am so glad I decided to take it! And honestly? It's not bad having to go to class every day of the week when you're actually interested in the subject matter. Oh, school. I'm not sure how much I am looking forward to the long and gruelling hours in the fashion department this fall, but I know one thing: summer is lovely so far and I am not going to waste it.

I am going back home to Southeast Asia in about two weeks. Very excited, and counting the days. :)

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