Friday, September 24, 2010


It seems that I hardly write about my schoolwork, which is funny, because as a full-time student... school is my life! Some background information: I attended the University of Virginia with the intent of being an English and Economics major... and then I switched to fashion school. Yes, really. And believe me, it was as crazy a transition as one would expect, maybe even crazier, and a transition I am still getting used to even as a junior in the fashion program.

But I love it! It is costly and the hours are long and arduous, but few things in life are more satisfying than seeing your model walk down the runway wearing something that existed only as a pencilled sketch a few months before. Really, nothing quite like it.

A few pictures of my two-piece look from last spring's runway show, held in The Modern Wing of our Museum. Only the one-shouldered look is mine.

The semester has started getting busy, and pretty soon I know I will be by the trusty industrial machines in the studio, belting out some BSB with my classmates as we work towards getting our garments finished!

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