Thursday, August 19, 2010

No Place Quite Like Home

It is nearly time to leave. Why do I feel robbed by time? When I left Chicago in July, August felt so far away, and now it's past mid-August and my string of flights over the Pacific is only four days away.

So I have been absorbing a year's worth of memories and sensory details to last me the next 365 days or more. Probably more.

Like falling asleep to the music of Malaysian rain at night. I say 'Malaysian' rain because it sounds different compared to rain in Chicago. I'm serious! Rain in Chicago often strikes fear in my heart. It's almost vengeful. But the nightly showers here are like beautiful wet xylophone notes to my ears.

Oh, and being woken up by a pair of sand-coloured paws prodding against my arm. It's almost always too early for that, but dogs don't always have the greatest sense of time. Sometimes as I am typing away on the computer, she decides after an hour that she has had enough of this lack of attention. So she plants herself next to the desk and whines until I call out various permutations of her name (Lou-Lou, Alou, Louette, Woo Woo, Booette, Little Lou-Lou, etc.) in her favourite language... Babytalk. Alouette has my heart.

Let's not forget durian, and the wonderful durian stalls with their huge colourful umbrellas littered around the city, ready to serve you the creamy custard fruit of the gods. If you are Southeast Asian and you do not like durian... I cannot trust you.

Kuih tako, I saved you till last because I am most thankful to you. Your soft pandan and coconut milk self amuses my bouche and has saved me from the monotony of a strict post wisdom teeth extraction diet. Mashed up fruit gets old after a while.

Sigh. I am sad to leave home, but very happy to have been here.


  1. Gorgeous pictures and Alouette is adorable! Grizy decides she has had enough and just plain leaves! :( My dad has won her over now with his affections.

    And kuih tako is my favourite! Nyonya kuih in the old wing of One Utama, outside Somerset Bay there's like a stall/store that sells nyonya kuih. You NEED to try it before you leave. Trust me on this!

  2. Thank you! Alouette is really attention hungry and she's only very affectionate towards 3 people--- me, my mother, and our maid. She never says no to some sayang-time!

    Kuih tako is so so good. I wonder if it can be replicated at home? I leave on Monday so I'm not sure how much time I'll have... but I'll try to make it to One Utama!